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Kunie's Story

Kunie's Story

I was born to be a creative and intuitive person who can feel things and then find ways to express them in the outer world. One of those ways for me has always been through Style.

All my life, people have described me as a “Trendsetter” because I usually create my own style, not very captivated with the current trends. Surprisingly, I hadn’t always considered a career in personal styling. Instead, it was something that developed at a later stage in my life when I realized the importance of image and style when it comes to boosting one’s confidence and opportunities. 


I did consider becoming a fashion designer after a lot of encouragement from people around me who admired my style and saw a potential in what I could offer. However, deep inside I felt that this was not what I was looking for. I wanted to pursue something deeper and more meaningful, where I could touch someone’s life and hopefully make a positive change in their image and style and mindset. That’s when I came across the Style Coaching training in Dubai, and the shift happened.


I’m a people person, I enjoy interacting with people from all races, backgrounds and ethnicities. With a background in HR, Corporate Communication and Strategic Management I’ve developed a knack for hearing what someone really desires– even if they’re not saying it directly. I take pride in my ability to listen and problem solve in a way that directly ties to my personal passion.


Being a certified Style Coach™ allows me to bridge my personality and interests with my values and beliefs. I’m a strong believer that inner beauty is always complemented with the outer beauty, because inner beauty is something that your age can’t take away; it remains with you.

- Einas Al Ameri

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"It's okay to go against the norm and maintain a

trend-setting mindset. Everybody is unique so every choice we make is going to be unique and beautiful"

Einas Al Ameri

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