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Welcome to Kunie

“Kunie” is an Arabic that means BE.


Harmonizing with this word, Kunie celebrates all women, their presence and their successes.


Every woman should BE herself as she’s unique and beautiful in her own skin regardless of shape, size, age or any box she had to fit in. 


With Kunie you will stand out from the crowd without compromising on your style, with confidence and inner satisfaction. We believe that if you feel good on inside you will definitely look good on the outside, and your style will only amplify the true beauty that is within you!

What is Style Coaching?

A Certified Style Coach™ works slightly differently to a traditional image consultant, following a holistic process that combines all aspects of personal styling with transformational life coaching and self-image psychology.


We don’t just want to style you based on how we dress ourselves. Instead, we help you to express your own Style Personality.


We also help you to discover and develop your own style, while we motivate, encourage, and support you to set and achieve your goals. By the end of our sessions you will gain confidence and acquire timeless life skills.


Meet Einas

I was born to be a creative and intuitive person who can feel things and then find ways to express them in the outer world. One of those ways for me has always been to style “unintentionally”.


People have described me as a “Trendsetter”! Having a sense of style and an eye for harmonious colors helped me create my own unique style.

I am dedicated to helping you “BE” the best “YOU”, without compromising on your style, confidence, and inner satisfaction. 

With Kunie you will get spot-on styling solutions customized for your personality and body type.

Our Services

- Body Shape Analysis 

- Style Personality Analysis 

- Color Analysis 

- Personal Shopping 

- Wardrobe Decluttering 

- Virtual Styling 


"I had such a wonderful experience with Kunie. It was great to be able to explore your outer and inner confidence. Every strong and beautiful woman needs to discover her style to embrace your beauty and personality. Thank you Einas/Kunie for everything.

—  Marwa

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